The waste produced by broken fast fashion jewellery is significent, it’s an area of waste disposal that has gone largely ignored, until now...

What is it?

The jewellery upcycling service is a place for anyone to send their broken jewellery for upcycling. It's for jewellery you don't want any more and perhaps charity shops won't accept because it's broken.

What do you do with my old jewellery?

We clean and dismantle all jewellery that arrives with us and store in our supplies ready to be used in a future design or piece of art. Keeping these materials in circulation reduces waste and the necessity to produce more materials using finite virgin resources and you’re helping us do that by donating, so thank you!

How does it work?

  1. Fill out our short form
  2. Send your jewellery to your most local collective maker
    (If you're donating – please skip to point 5)
  3. You receive a discount voucher for your good deed
  4. You treat yourself to a new piece from your chosen collective maker's website
  5. We refurbish or upcycle your old pieces, putting the materials back into circulation

Upcycle request form